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2008-09-17 04:09:48 by caboose-the-pantless

The page looked so blank so I thought I'd make a post introducing myself and my liking to newgrounds.

My names caboose. The Pantless at the end of my name comes from an online community I've been a part of for a while ( and it sounded cool. I'm currently a senior in high school taking only 3 classes a day (<3 my schedule). I recently undertook a huge project to create a website from scratch for my brothers project Scynho, a small web comic syndicate of sorts for his and two of his friends web comics, Naughtdey Ahbloh, Rex Vender Voulogue, and Dr Thundrestix.

I've been around Newgrounds for about 5 years now, but only recently created an account; I never saw a reason to need one. I'd really have to peg myself as a fan of Tower Defense style games that have been passing through the portal through all the years, but the one thing submitted that stands out among everything on Newgrounds to me would be Xeno Tactic by Reginald Nowe. The whole being in control of where the enemy has to go as well as having amazing graphics got me addicted to the point it was what I did for two weeks straight in my computer science class (we got three-four days to do a project that took about 10 minutes). The sequel not so much as it kills the thing that dragged me in: the controlling enemy flow, as well as having indistinguishable turrets and enemies.

Movie side, I'd have to say the entire Magical Trevor series (1 2 3 4) by The Weebl is at the top of my list. It could be seen as a great example of all the random stuff floating around in my head which is probably why I have taken a liking to it.


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